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2015 Professional Development Institute

October 23 - 24, 2015

Riverside Convention Center, Riverside, CA  Share the Joy of Literacy

  • ​Find the Joy in the Common Core
  • Create the Joy with Reading Recovery
  • Speak the Joy with English Learners
  • Continue the Joy with Parent Engagement       

Keynote Speakers:

  • Lori Oczkus

  • Dr. MaryEllen Vogt & Jana Echevarria

  • Lucy Calkins

Featured Speakers
P. David Pearson Elfrieda Hiebert
Steve Dunn Danny Brassell
Adria Klein Nancy Brynelson
Margaret Moustafa Cynthia Dollins
Ruth Helen Yopp Shira Lubliner

Nikki Grimes Alexis O'Neill
Lee Wardlaw Joan Bransfield Graham
Kathleen Krull Patricia Newman
Ryan Goldsberry F.C. Shaw
Adam Sidwell Cindy Jenson-Elliott
Robin Radlauer-Cramer Ann Whitford Paul
Virginia Loh-Hagen  

                                             And Many More!!

Click the following for more information:

2014 Professional Development Institute                  Speaker Handouts & Resources



Great Winter Reading Challenge

Did your school participate this past year? If not, good news, we are having the event again this year. Same rules and same great prizes.

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Winter Reading Challenge Results

Book Club Blog

Join our free Book Club Blog on Just the Facts: Close Reading and Comprehension of Informational Text by Lori Oczkus. You may earn a post semester unit for just $60 from U. of Pacific if you register by May 1 and blog at least 3 times by May 30. Email for more information.

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Opportunities for Teachers

CRA is pleased to provide a new link for professional development opportunities. On-line classes, webinars and  links to websites that our members might find valuable, can be found on this link.

Click: Opportunities for Teachers


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