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The California Reading Association

     Dedicated to Literacy for Over Fifty Years

The California Reading Association

Dedicated to Literacy for Over Fifty Years

The California
Reading Association

Dedicated to Literacy for Over Fifty Years

Advocacy: Communication

Meeting With Your Legislator

Regularly scheduled meetings with legislators in their district offices are an important activity. Using this approach, you can become a firsthand resource on all educational matters in the legislator's home district.

As the role of the state Legislature in determining the framework of public education continues to escalate, personal communication with individual legislators becomes increasingly important. Visits with legislators provide an opportunity for both parties to exchange viewpoints on a variety of basic educational issues, as well as to secure support for a particular position.

Face-to-face dialog, moreover, allows personalization of your relationship with the legislator and the legislator's staff. The importance of becoming acquainted with legislative staff cannot be overemphasized. The staff is more readily available at thelocal level and can be invaluable. Take advantage of opportunities to show your appreciation by inviting them to lunch or providing a small gift or at least a thank you note.

Contacting the District Office

Preparing for the Meeting

During the Meeting

Be sure to leave on time unless the legislator clearly wished to continue. At the end of the meeting, all members should leave as a group.

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