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The California Reading Association

     Dedicated to Literacy for Over Fifty Years

The California Reading Association

Dedicated to Literacy for Over Fifty Years

The California
Reading Association

Dedicated to Literacy for Over Fifty Years


Advocacy is defined as the act of pleading or arguing in favor of (or against) something, such as a cause, idea, or policy. Advocacy implies an active stance, as opposed to passivity. As members of society, each of us – as a parent, educator, and citizen – is responsible for the future of education in this country. Only through advocacy and the active participation of its citizenry can any democracy hope to meet the educational needs of its students and promote the high standards of educational excellence they deserve.

In alignment with the International Reading Association, the activities of the California Reading Association (CRA) are designed to further the goals of professional development, advocacy, partnerships, research, and literacy development. Nowhere do these goals come together in a more focused way than in CRA’s efforts for advocacy and outreach, designed to further our mission of the right to “literacy for all.”

The need to adequately fund quality programs that provide essential services to the citizens of California is one of the most significant issues set before legislators and policy makers in our state. At the top of the list of such services is a high quality public education, in which students are taught and prepared to become skilled, productive, engaged, and literate citizens. Organizations, such as CRA, can assist in encouraging California’s legislature, policy makers, and the public to recognize that public education – and literacy in particular – must be a priority of the legislative body.

CRA’s resources and commitment of its members can be influential in three broad areas:

The California Reading Association can help provide its members and legislators with the tools necessary to implement change. CRA is dedicated to strengthening its status as a highly respected and vocal advocate for reform in the fast-growing state and national dialogues that are reshaping the landscape of literacy and education in California and around the country. From curriculum reform to increased accountability, CRA is working to stay at the forefront of education reform in our state. The organization’s positions and policies as they relate to these areas and to current pressing issues in literacy teaching and learning are outlined in a series of CRA position papers.

CRA urges everyone to become aware of the local, state, and federal issues that influence students' learning environment and to share their knowledge and expertise with policymakers. As part of its mission to improve the teaching of reading, CRA will continue to provide its members with calls to action. CRA will also provide members with information about current key issues, proposed government policies, and legislation that affects literacy education, educators, and students.


Adopted January 2004


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American Literacy Corporation
$2000 "Outstanding Contributions to Literacy" award
$500 to CRA Council that nominates a winning K-8 educator